iOS 14 is out! Unlock Genie Sims are working on iOS 14. Please update before unlocking with the sims.

UGSim Unlimited Sim Installation Instructions:

  1. Insert UGSim Unlimited into sim tray.
  2. Place the sim tray in the iPhone.
  3. Activate iPhone with UGSim Unlimited inserted.
  4. Once at the home screen remove UGSim Unlimited.
  5. Now insert the desired carrier sim and the iPhone is now ready to be used.

How to Update ICCID on UGSim Unlimited (Updatable version) using a Windows PC:


ICCID Updater instructions:

  1. **Download the UGSim Unlimited Updater APP from Downloads under your account.
  2. Plugin the USB PCSC Reader into your pc.
  3. Insert UGSim Unlimited and sim tray into the Update Adapter.
  4. Insert Adapter into USB PCSC Reader.
  5. Open the UGSim Unlimited ICCID Updater”.
  6. Enter in one of the ICCIDS from the ICCID Page and Press “Write Card”.
  7. Remove Sim and Adapter from the reader once the Updater says “Write Card Finished!”

** Download only available for Orders made on Unlock Genie Sim for the Update Tool or UGSim Unlimited Kit.