iOS 14 is out! Unlock Genie Sims are working on iOS 14. Please update before unlocking with the sims.

Please make sure the iPhone is updated to the newest iOS before programming the unlock sim with a ICCID!

Installation instructions:

  1. Peel off adhesive backing and apply to the carrier sim.
  2. Place the carrier sim & unlock sim into the sim tray.
  3. Insert sim tray with sims into the iPhone
  4. Wait for a popup menu then select –  “Edit ICCID”.
  5. Enter in one of the ICCIDS from the ICCID Page and Press “Send” and then ‘Accept’.
  6. Finish activation once Done your iphone is unlocked when it returns to home screen.

If you make a mistake entering the ICCID and need the menu to pop back up to enter ICCID again simply just attach the unlock sim to another old carrier sim temporarily and place into the iPhone to reset the unlock sims menu.

What carriers are compatible with Unlock Genie Sims!

Here is a general example of what carriers you can use depending on what carrier the iPhone originates from.