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Ra1nUSB is a Windows based iOS 13 – iOS 13.3 Jailbreak method. Ra1nUSB is a Windows Alternative for Checkrain. Checkra1n is only supported for Mac.

However, you cannot install the tool directly on Windows. With this USB it allows you to run checkra1n on your pc by booting your pc from the USB drive.

The software is provided free and you are paying us just for the flash drive and flashing to the drive. This software has been modded to include Checra1n 0.10.2 and MinaUSB Patcher


– To launch checkra1n in normal mode type ra1nusb in terminal

– To launch checkra1n in cli mode for dfu type ra1nusb-cli in terminal

– To launch minaUSB tip mina in terminal. mina usb requires phone to be in diagnostic mode.

To achieve this mode by powering off device and holding vol up and home or vol up and power will inserting usb cable.


Ra1nUSB compatibility

iOS 13.7 –  iOS 12.3  Note – We don’t have any information about iOS 14 as the jailbreak needs to be updated. once we update it we will edit this description.

Ra1nUSB errors

  • ra1nusb Apple logo Stuck

This is the most common error. After doing all the Ra1nUSB setup & when booting it kept showing the apple logo without going anywhere.

How to fix  –

Go to your bios settings. Disable the EL SerialPort , SecureBoot, Stack Network, Fastboot

Wake on LAN. Enable virtualization, save and exit bios. Then go to options > graphics injector > untick graphics inject in ra1nusb boot menu.  Now retry booting rainusb.

(If this doesn’t work, use a different pc)Here is a video tutorial to fix this error by Just a Tech youtube channel. However, this language is different.

  • Still waiting for root device

Root device error is another common error for Ra1nUSB. If you are stuck on this error follow the below instructions.

How to Fix –

You should go to options before booting. config and select ‘config-check’ as your config file. Afterwards boot from usb (UEFI) and voila.

  • ACPI error

You will get an ACPI error when not recognizing Nvidia graphics cards. With the following methods you can get Ra1nUSB working on most custom PCs.

How to fix –

Go to the clover menu when bootup, then go to options. You can enter any of the following commands in the boot arguments section. Add -v in front of any of these for verbose boot.

  1. npci=0x3000
  2. npci=0x2000
  3. UseKernelCache=No npci=0x20000 -f
  4. PCIRootUID=1 npci=0x2000
  5. -x -graphicsenabler=yes
  • ra1nusb error 20

Error -20 is another common error encountered during the Ra1nUSB process. Launch Mina USB from terminal and patch USB.

How to fix –

Select the jailbreak button with safe mode. With this method, tweaks will not run. Go to Cydia, remove the bug fix and shut down the jailbreak tweak again to run.

  • ra1nusb black screen /Error 31/20 Mouse/Keyboard/Boot Failed

These are other errors. All these errors are fixed with AMD File. Checkout this video tutorial by Apple Tag.

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