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Want to jailbreak without a mac or USB boot drive? Now you can!

With Ra1nGenie you can now jailbreak without a PC or Mac no matter where you are!

With checkra1n you’re stuck to a computer to be able to jailbreak. But using this solution, you can take Ra1nGenie with you to jailbreak wherever you are.

Even when somewhere remote, you’d only need a powerbank or other USB type power supply. Checkra1n is provided free and you are only paying for our hardware solution and launcher!




What do the menu options do?

Verbose mode

Boot the iPhone into verbose boot mode using checkra1n.

Safe mode:

Jailbroken, but prevents tweaks from loading.

Auto shutdown:

After jailbreaking, auto shutdown the Ra1nGenie. Otherwise, returns home. Turn this option on if you want to jailbreak one device.

System info:

Shows Ra1nGenie version, checkra1n version, CPU load, CPU temperature, IP address.

Check for updates:

The idea is that if checkra1n comes with an update, I’ll provide an updated package for all Ra1nGenie users. This makes updating the Ra1nGenie really easy.

  1. Connect the Ra1nGenie to an ethernet cable
  2. Go to the Options menu and then select Check for updates
  3. If an update is available, it’s shown on the screen including a small changelog. Select Yes to auto-update on the next reboot or No to cancel

Known issues

  • iPhone X requires verbose mode to be set in order to successfully jailbreak. This is a known checkra1n issue.
  • Touchscreen does not work on some occasions (“swipe up to unlock” etc.). Restart phone in normal mode and re-jailbreak.



  • The Ra1nGenie hangs during the jailbreak process!

Can’t do much about that since checkra1n is still in beta. But in order to safely shutdown, ‘force quit’ option was added in Ra1nGenie:
During the checkra1n process, remove the lightning cable and then press F3 3x times to force quit checkra1n and go back to the main menu. Be sure to restart the Ra1nGenie before trying a new jailbreak attempt!


  • After the jailbreaking starts, the display/jailbreak stays in a loop!

Try different cable


  • My Ra1nGenie worked perfectly before, but the screen stays black (or only shows ra1ngenie logo)

This means you didn’t use the ‘Safe shutdown’ menu and probably pulled the USB power cable out of the back of the Ra1ngenie at a certain point.

This would be the equivalent of pulling the power cable from a running PC instead of safely shutting it down. Meaning the SD card is now corrupt.

Even if you think you didn’t do this, then probably the USB power supply stopped supply power midway or something else happened to the power which in the end corrupted your SD card.

There 1 option to fix this:

Download the Firmware image and flash your sd card using etcher!.

Downloads available from your my account area on the site.

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