iOS 14 is out! Unlock Genie Sims are working on iOS 14. Please update before unlocking with the sims.


The ICCIDs provided are only usable by an unlock sim and are provided by a publically available third-party system created by and is not owned or operated by Unlock Genie Sims.

For Activation of any cellular service, you must provide your preferred service provider the ICCID from the sim card obtained from your service provider during activation of service or use a previously activated sim after unlocking the device.

Our sims provide a temporary unlock allowing you to use the carrier you choose worldwide. Need to remove the unlock just factory reset your device!

An Unlock Sim does not alleviate money owed to a carrier and you are still required to finish payments on your device and or service to the carrier. Nor does it modify any blacklist status associated with your device. Unlock Genie Sims recommends that you pay off your device to achieve a factory unlock from your carrier and only use an Unlock Sim as a temporary means to secure service on a carrier that best fits your needs.

Unlock Genie Sims is not affiliated with Apple or any carrier. Nor do we have any connection to any system owned or operated by any carrier or Apple