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100% USA BASED Unlock any iPhone The fast way to unlock your iPhone to use across any gsm carrier. We are the preferred sim card brand for both customers and stores alike! Find in Stores Buy Online

About Unlock Genie Sims

We provide best in class unlock sims. We have a long heritage of providing solutions to our customers as well as offering quality products to stores for resale.

Customer service and satisfaction is the golden thread that weaves through everything we do. We pride ourselves on consistently high customer satisfaction across all of our business sectors, ensuring you will receive the same service excellence across all of your contact points with us.

We attract and retain the most talented staff in the industry to better service you.

We aim to build trust amongst our customers to ensure their unlocking needs are consistently met with our incredibly high standards.

We only produce quality products. All of our material is hand-selected to ensure the highest standard possible. The stringent quality control processes and checks are to ensure you only receive the best product possible.

Every sim we produce is hand-checked to ensure the quality and high standards are guaranteed. This is why we are the “go-to” brand for unlocking sims.

How do our Unlock Sims work?

Unlocking your carrier-specific iPhone is easy with UnlockGenie Sims.

We have detailed instructions which you can watch here:

The UnlockGenie Sims works with all existing sim cards and most carriers in the USA.

Once you have upgraded your phone to the latest iOS version for your phone, you

simply peel off the adhesive backing and apply to the carrier sim.

Step by step instructions guides you through the process including removing the existing ICCID codes and entering the Free Code we provide to you.

By sending and accepting the installation your phone is unlocked.

If you get stuck, our dedicated online support team can guide you through the process.

Our ICCID Codes are checked multiple times a day for compatibility and compliance, and these are free to all Unlock Genie Sims customers.

Where can you Buy an Unlock Genie Sim?

You can either buy your UnlockGenie Sims at any of these outlets. or you can buy right here online and we will post it to you via First Class or Priority Mail.

How can I become a Distributor?

For great B2B sales opportunities or direct to customer sales, join our distributor network.

If you have queries or questions on becoming a distributor, please fill out the form below to see how you and your business can benefit from this lucrative opportunity.


How can I become an Affiliate?

For affiliate, opportunities join our affiliate program.

it’s easy to sign up and to get started today! After submitting the application one of our team members will review the application for approval. 

Unlock Genie Sims is more popular than ever!

We are constantly adding new customers, businesses, and Distributors! Here is our most recent stats.
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