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Unlock Genie Sim is a revolutionary game changing sim designed to unlock your iPhone faster, easier and smarter than ever before. Powered by the worlds first UGSim Smart App & ICCID Miner System you will never have to search for an ICCID again and you will always have access to Our Support Team! Unlock Genie is changing the game! We have worked hand in hand with our manufacturing and development team to bring you a product that is more advanced, efficient & reliable than other sims on the market such as Gevey Sim, Rsim, Turbo Sim, CU Sim, and IG Sim. Every time we make a product change adding a new solution our competition rushes to create something similar. Why not go with a product that is changing the game and choose the Unlock Genie for your Unlocking sims needs.


Why Everybody Loves Our iPhone Unlock Sims!


Premium Quality

We use the highest quality material and components available to ensure each Unlock Sim is made to meet our standards. We oversee production from start to finish and quality check each sim by hand. This process has helped us to produce the lowest defect rate in the market.

Ready to Use

Our sims do not require any Flashing of software! Just place the sim into the sim-tray with the compatible carrier sim of your choice and enter in the provided ICCID Code from our ICCID Miner System when the sim menu opens!

100% Updatable

Unlike other brands on the market that are being sold by china on DHgate, Ebay or amazon our sim can be fully updated! This allows us to build new software that can then be updated by our wholesalers. Never worry about having to buy new inventory just to have a sim with our latest software.


We strive to be ahead of our competition by offering new innovations. So far this has lead us to being ahead of brands like R-Sim, CU-Sim, Gevey, IGSim and many others, We have become the industry go to for Sim solutions worldwide.


The biggest hurdle with Unlock sims offered by other brands is the lack of working ICCIDS. Since day one of being on the market we have offered our ICCID Miner solution allowing our customers to always have the latest working ICCIDs available. With UGSims you wont need to search the internet for a working code!

Top-Notch Customer Service

We pride ourselves in giving our customer the best customer service experience in the market. We go above and beyond to ensure our Customers get the help they need to make use of our product.

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